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The parrot saved the girl and became a national hero



In Denver, Colorado, Willie the Parrot saved the life of a little girl and was awarded the American Red Cross Society. The hero was awarded by Colorado Governor Bill Ritter and Mayor John Hickenlooper. Mistress Willie, a Quaker parrot, works as a nanny and takes care of a 3-year-old girl, Hannah. M...

Emily | 28.07.2023 03:58:15

Fragrances for modern goddesses by Thierry Mugler



As we have already written, Thierry Mugler releases a collection of five fragrances under the general name Miroir Miroir. Each of the perfumes - "Travers Le Miroir", "Dis-Moi, Miroir", "Miroir des Envies", "Miroir des Secrets" and "Miroir des Vanites" - is dedicated to modern goddesses in their five guises. How exact...

Emily | 27.07.2023 13:07:18

Women lie about shopping, men lie about relationships



Scientists from the University of Hertfordshire found that most people are liars. At the same time, men deceive women more often and do it for more important reasons. So, psychologists have found that women usually lie to their friends, exaggerating the cost of purchased things. On the contrary, they tell their husbands a ...

Emily | 26.07.2023 12:38:05

Kim Kardashian spoke about snake and undressing



In a recent interview with LOVE magazine, Kim Kardashian told why she undresses at every opportunity, and what cat position she loves. By the way, the socialite was asked questions by supermodel Cara Delvin, the guest editor of the issue. Kardashian said that she loves to undress, because there is nothing more bea...

Emily | 25.07.2023 08:47:45

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper choose a name for the child



Model Irina Shayk and actor Bradley Cooper will soon become parents. Insiders reported that they are currently busy choosing a name for the child. Recall that the stars still do not make official statements. However, the facts remain facts - Irina Shayk is pregnant, lives with Bradley Cooper, wears an e...

Emily | 24.07.2023 04:20:36

Intimacy does not like being overweight



French scientists have found that dog is inaccessible to everyone, without exception, complete - both women and men. Experts conducted studies, the purpose of which was to study in detail the new disadvantages that obesity causes. As a result, it was possible to establish that women who are overweight practically do no...

Emily | 23.07.2023 14:14:24

The most common phobias among Russians have been voiced



Photo: It turns out that Russians are most often afraid of heights, snakes and water! VTsIOM specialists managed to identify these fears during a survey in which about 1600 people took part. In acrophobia, that is, in the fear of great heights, admitted 30% of respondents, and a little less...

Emily | 22.07.2023 08:44:17