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The parrot saved the girl and became a national hero



In Denver, Colorado, Willie the Parrot saved the life of a little girl and was awarded the American Red Cross Society. The hero was awarded by Colorado Governor Bill Ritter and Mayor John Hickenlooper. Mistress Willie, a Quaker parrot, works as a nanny and takes care of a 3-year-old girl, Hannah. Megan Howard always takes her favorite bird with her to work. Recently, a woman sat Hannah down to eat, and she left the room. When the baby ate, she choked and began to suffocate. Seeing what had happened, Willie began to flap his wings and shout loudly: "Mom, baby!". Megan ran to the cries of the bird and gave the baby first aid. "Willie is a true hero," Howard said in her acceptance speech. "I could have come a few minutes later, and then nothing could have been fixed," the woman added. "Willie has always been a smart and quick-witted pet."

Emily | 28.07.2023 03:58:15