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Women lie about shopping, men lie about relationships



Scientists from the University of Hertfordshire found that most people are liars. At the same time, men deceive women more often and do it for more important reasons. So, psychologists have found that women usually lie to their friends, exaggerating the cost of purchased things. On the contrary, they tell their husbands a low price in order to avoid scandals on the topic: "Where are you doing all our money?". As for men, they lie mainly about relationships. At the same time, the average representative of the stronger bird deceives others on average three times a day, a woman - only two. According to study author Karen Payne, who is a professor of evolutionary psychology, a man lies about 1092 times a year, a woman misleads others about 728 times during the same period. Karen Payne believes that the number of lies in the life of each person is inratenced by his social activity. The more a person communicates, the wider the circle of his acquaintances, the more he deceives. By the way, extroverts lie more often than introverts. "Like it or not, lying is very important in a person's life. It helped our ancestors survive by misleading enemies," the professor notes. Thus, men's lies have evolutionary roots, since it is men who have historically been the earners. True, today husbands lie, mainly to their wives and on issues important to the latter. Whether this is due to evolution is a moot point. Photo by Ekaterina Ogorodnik

Emily | 26.07.2023 12:38:05