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The most common phobias among Russians have been voiced



Photo: It turns out that Russians are most often afraid of heights, snakes and water! VTsIOM specialists managed to identify these fears during a survey in which about 1600 people took part. In acrophobia, that is, in the fear of great heights, admitted 30% of respondents, and a little less than 28% of respondents said that they do not like snakes, while in the older age group of people (34% compared to 17% among respondents aged 18 to 24 years) and women (35% compared to 19% among men surveyed) this phobia was in the honorable first place! The third place went to aquaphobia - this name hides the fear of open water and depth: aquaphobia affects 24% of respondents (32% of women and 15% of men). Nevertheless, many survey participants are taking various steps to combat their phobias, and this is quite logical, at least that's what Stepan Lvov, director of strategic development and deputy chairman of the scientific council of VTsIOM, says - according to him, overcoming phobias is one of the main life strategies of people, formed with age in the course of socialization and under the pressure of stereotypes. Moreover, with age, people become more honest with themselves, and it turns out to be much easier for them to admit the presence of a particular phobia! ©

Emily | 22.07.2023 08:44:17